far•o Fair Trade Launches!

Dr Brent’s wife Wendy and her friend Kerry have just launched far•o fair trade, a beautiful leather and jewellery line that will support the salaries of local teachers and programs at the Shine the Light Centre in Javillar, DR.

far•o - the Spanish word for beacon or lighthouse. Ships are guided safely through storms and darkness by the light shining out across the waters. By initiating the production of leather and silver goods locally, for sale in North America, far•o is aiding the growth of the local economy in Javillar, DR by paying fair trade prices for these items. All the profits from the sales of far•o products go directly into the programming at the Shine the Light Centre.

Shine the Light Initiative is based in Javillar, DR. This is where we build homes for its neediest residents three times a year. This is also where the STLi built their community centre in 2017. Programming at the community centre focusses on building life skills and job training so that residents can lift themselves out of poverty.

A powerful ripple affect of this initiative is the exposure that these incredibly talented artisans receive by having their products shown and sold to larger markets. By buying a far•o product, you are having a direct impact on the community of Javillar, DR and STLi. So thank for partnering with us and we hope you love your product as much the love that is poured into the making of it and the building up of a community.

If you want more information on how you can purchase one of these products please email Wendy at info@farofairtrade.com

Photography provided by Photography By Jodi

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