Financial Options


We want to help you receive the dental care you deserve. We discuss all cost and payment options with you to make sure you are comfortable with your treatment plan and to answer any questions you have before the start treatment. You will never have surprises when it comes to your bill.

Dental Insurance

Instead of being an assignment office, we offer a program called Assisted BenefitsWhat this means is that we collect full payment for our services at the time of your visit, and assist in processing your paperwork for you, with reimbursement from your dental insurance going directly to you, sometimes within 24 hours.

Its not uncommon to have patients put off important dental treatment with obvious health and quality of life benefits, until they are covered for it. For us, pioneering “Assisted Benefits” helps reinforce that care should pre-empt cost and coverage, when it comes to treatment. 

Care first, then cost, then coverage.

We also believe that taking time to educate and inform people of all options available leads to better overall care. 

As we grow and train practitioners in how to provide top notch care, removing coverage as a main focus helps lead us to more creative, individualized treatments. 

Other benefits: 

  1. Being ahead of the curve. Privacy laws are changing and insurance companies are limiting the information they share with dental offices. The convenience is disappearing. We believe the future will be dealing directly with your insurance provider directly.

  1. Providing more staff and better technology. Dealing with insurance companies and payments takes an investment of manpower and finances and limits the resources available to a practice to invest in better technology and more clinical staff. That doesn’t equate to better care.

Assisted benefits requires patients to pay in full at the time of their appointment, with our office team completing the necessary paperwork FOR you and FILING claims on your behalf. Insurance providers send the reimbursement directly to you, not to our office. 

Assisted Benefits is another way that we put patients care first. 

Popular Payment Options

We accept cash, cheques (for patients in good standing), credit cards and have these financing options:

Desjardins Financing – You can fill out your application online at Shine Dental and receive approval within 24-48 hours. Interest rates vary depending on the plan that best suits your financial needs. Your dental bill can be financed over 4-5 years.

Four Equal Payments – You’ll pay the first instalment before you start treatment, the second instalment on the day you begin treatment, the third instalment at one months’ time after your treatment appointment, and the final instalment at two months’ time after your treatment appointment.

5% Pre-payment Discount – if you pay cash or debit for treatment in full by at least the day before you start treatment.

3% Pre-payment Discount – if you pay by credit card for treatment in full by at least the day before you start treatment.

For example, if you are starting treatment on Friday, you must pay your treatment in full ON OR BEFORE the Thursday before your appointment to qualify for either of these discounts.

If prior financial arrangements or options have not been made, we require all payments the day you complete your treatment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office!