"An unmatched team building experience."

This past October half of Fort Group, a Winnipeg accounting firm joined our Shine The Light trip.

Their goal? To volunteer and give back. The result? They discovered an unmatched team building experience that changed their staff and their workplace in a way they never imagined.

Watch the partners talk about their experience.

Looking to impact your workplace and give back?

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“Change A Life…It will change yours.”

We are excited to be coming up to our second trip of 2019! This trip will see us building 2 new homes for some very deserving families and we will be hosting a group of participants from Raleigh, North Carolina!  

Trips change lives! Overseas yes, but also here at home! A consistent theme has overflowed from the hearts of trip goers from day one. They came to build a house only to find that the house built them. Discover the impact a Shine the Light trip can have on you and your family and join us in May or October!

Valerie ParkerComment