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FREE Comprehensive
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Offer expires July 31st, 2019.

A building block for Life.


First assessment or second opinion – Complete exams help you save money and enjoy life.

Dental emergencies can strike at any time, robbing you of a special day, family vacation or simply making it hard to enjoy your everyday life. Committing to regular dental visits informed by a plan unique to you means significantly fewer problems over time. Why? Because our professional dental exams empower a blend of proactive efforts designed to keep emergencies away.

You are unique. So when you visit, we’ll take a holistic approach to your exam before any work is done. A thorough assessment of your teeth and gums, jaw and bite, crowding and cosmetic issues will help to identify concerns today, or for the future. Sensitivity while eating, headaches and sleep issues can find their roots in your oral health. We’ll take our time to listen, answer your questions and give you all the options. 

Together, we’ll help prevent minor issues from becoming major procedures.


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Leaving a Legacy of Changed Lives - Locally and Abroad

Why visit Shine? Our aim is to inspire and invigorate every guest we see with incredible care and to honour each and every individual’s unique needs, with time and attention.

We are committed to using the latest technology and techniques, putting the needs of our guests first and to educating and inspiring our guests with outstanding communication and customer service.

We also believe in giving back. In 2005, our founding dentist Dr. Brent and his wife Wendy started Shine the Light Initiative, bringing dental, medical and home building aid to impoverished communities. Since then, they have taken staff, friends, families and patients on more than 40 humanitarian trips abroad.

 Our Shine Family all have a part in this legacy. We invite you to join us.


Anatomy of a Shine Exam.


Complete dental exam including early detection of issues or abnormalities to save you money and keep you problem free.


Discovery of concerns below the surface, X-rays ensure the proper foundation for your long term oral health is in place.

Holistic Care.

Free cancer screening, bite assessment, cosmetic and sleep issue review rounds out your comprehensive treatment discussion.


Ready to take charge of your oral health?

Take our oral health assessment and see if you could benefit from a dental visit.


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How Decay Can Take Your Health Away

It’s no exaggeration that tooth decay can lead to other serious health issues. But what is tooth decay, anyway? Simply, it’s cavities. And to understand why it may be dangerous you need to understand where cavities come from. 

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Get A Leg Up On Great Overall Health

At home, prevention may include brushing and flossing twice a day. But many strategies and oral health aids exist that may fit your situation even better. Our team can help customize solutions that enhance your daily efforts, often turning frustration into smiles at the healthy changes that occur.

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Shine Dental

Regardless of the location you visit, you might notice that we approach dentistry differently than what you’re familiar with. We may be a little unconventional, but every change we introduce is thoroughly researched with the best interests of our patients, community, and environment in mind. Combined with our efforts to give back locally and abroad through our non-profit, every Shine patient is a part of changing the lives of people less fortunate. Now is your time to Shine.