A Letter From Dr Alsip to her patients

I have enjoyed treating you and your family during the past 30 years since beginning to practice dentistry here on Academy Road in the tiny office next door to our new office.

As I look to the future, it is with great excitement that I am pursuing new interests, transitioning my practice into the care of Dr. Brent Wong and the Shine Dental family.

Shine Dental has a great track record and reputation for exceptional care, along with a passion for community work and social responsibility doing work here and abroad through their non-profit organization. (www.shinethelightinitiaitive.ca)

Dr Brian Ho

Dr Brian Ho

Dr Ashley Gray

Dr Ashley Gray

With that said, I would like to introduce you to Shine’s Dental’s associates, Dr. Brian Ho, and Dr Ashley Gray.

Thanks for your incredible support of my practice for the last 30 years.


Dr. Janet Alsip

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