A Letter From Dr Alsip to her patients

I have enjoyed treating you and your family during the past 30 years since beginning to practice dentistry here on Academy Road in the tiny office next door to our new office.

Having grown up in River Heights I have had the privilege to serve several of my school classmates and teachers, friends of my parents and siblings, along with colleagues and friends of my husband as a professor.

What a great social experience for me! I’ve even treated four generations of some of your families and I can honestly say it is an honour and privilege to have you as my patient.

Now, as I look to the future, it is with great excitement that as of March 1st, I am reducing my workload and joining Dr. Brent Wong and the Shine Dental family.

Shine Dental has a great track record and reputation for exceptional care, competent and experienced dentists and can offer technology and procedures that will better serve you right here under one roof!

I also appreciate Shine’s community work and social responsibility (which I know many of you will appreciate) doing work here and abroad through their non-profit organization. (www.shinethelightinitiaitive.ca)

Dr Brian Ho

Dr Brian Ho

With that said, I would like to introduce you to one of Shine Dental’s associates, Dr. Brian Ho, who will begin working here on Academy Road in March!

Along with his easy-going, approachable manner, Dr. Brian brings ten years’ experience addressing a variety of oral health needs such as wisdom tooth removal, TMJ treatments, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and more, with him.

With this change, I am thrilled to now have the time to pursue interests in environmental activism and current affairs, to volunteer with dental association committees and hopefully, help the underprivileged.  

I also hope to be in the gym, yoga studio, swimming pool or even jump on a bike or surf board! There is just so much to do!

Dr. Brian, my staff and I are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible and I’ve attempted to answer a few common questions at the end of this letter that may arise as you read this.

Thanks for your incredible support of my practice for the last 30 years. I look forward to seeing you soon and introducing you to Dr. Brian and his team!


Dr. Janet Alsip