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Our Team

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

At Shine Dental, we have the most amazing dental team in the province! We've learnt early on that to attain true success as a business, we surround ourselves with successful people. The people we have the privilege of working with are simply THE BEST of the best. We realize that we're extremely blessed to have had a team grow from 3 to 14 in such a short time. We're pleased to place our patients in the hands of such caring individuals. Please read on to learn more about our team from our main office on Provencher and our downtown office ( home to our dental implant centre ) on Main St.


Dental Assistant

Ashley is one of our wonderful assistants here at Shine. She's well known for her bubbly personality and mega-watt smile. Ashley is a pro when it comes to putting people at ease and making them laugh. All this combined with the know-how to excel at her duties makes her a valuable asset to our team. Currently on maternity leave.

Dr. Brent


A unique individual, you might never meet another person like him. Dr. Brent is focused and always on top of his game. A husband and father of two boys, he is also a fantastic boss to all his employees - whether at the main office on Provencher or placing dental implants at the downtown office on Main St. Dr. Brent has many years of experience and it shows in his ability to perform a multitude of procedures and techniques. He is passionate about learning and helping others, which is why he continues his education and offers free dentistry in the 3rd world.



Coming from a family of denturists, Brock has the pedigree, knowledge and skills to ensure that your smile is wonderfully suited to you. He has a great sense of humor and and is passionate about helping others. A budding entrepreneur in his own right, we are excited to have him here at Shine.

Dr. Cheryl


For the last 3 years Dr. Cheryl Wiebe has brought smiles to her patients as well as her co-workers and colleagues. Dr. Cheryl is a gem and we are truly blessed to have her as a part of the team. You will find her smiling, singing, and looking for new ways to to make your visit fun and enjoyable. Not only does she place fillings - she will make you tea, grab an iPad for you to play with or do whatever it takes to make you feel at ease.


Dental Assistant

Courtney has years of experience as an assistant and fits right in with all of us at Shine. She is genuine, caring and compassionate. Staff look forward to every conversation they have with her, and you will too as she makes your visit a comfortable and relaxing one.


Dental Hygienist

Heather is new to Shine Dental but no stranger to hygiene; she is a veteran with 5 years experience. You are sure to love Heather’s relaxed, calm, and cool personality; it’s really quite contagious. When Heather is not doing hygiene she enjoys nothing more than relaxing at the lake with her kitties.


Dental Hygienist

Jamille is an energetic and outgoing person who always looks to the brighter side of things. Jamille is dedicated and gives 100% of herself to the things that she is most passionate about. Always willing to make your visit enjoyable and convenient, her positivity will have you enjoying every minute of your visit from start to finish.


Administrative Assistant

Jeddahlyn is a loving and hardworking mother of 4 boys! Her warm smile and (earned!) patience will ease your visit at Shine. Very approachable, Jeddahlyn is always willing to help others out with a calm personality and her undivided attention.

Dr. Karen


Some of you might remember Karen as one of our superstar dental hygienists. In 2009, she left us to return to dental school. Today she is Dr. Karen and we are excited to welcome her back to the Shine Family. Dr. Karen is our newest dentist and will be providing our famous Shine General Dentistry Services to all the Portage and Main workers downtown. Karen is an amazing hockey player and even played hockey for the Manitoba Bisons! If you or someone you know works downtown and needs a great general dentist or regular cleanings, Dr. Karen is your best choice downtown!


Dental Assistant

Katherine is one of our longest standing assistants. She moved out to Cook's Creek with her sweetheart Jeff and has some funny stories about the transition to country living! Katherine has traveled along with the Shine crew and has taken part in several mission trips. Whether at Shine or overseas, Katherine has a big heart and treats everyone of her patients in a gentle and caring manner. Currently on maternity leave.


Dental Hygienist

After taking a leave to begin her family, Kathy is back! She is a skilled hygienist with years of experience. Kathy is caring, compassionate and determined that her patients achieve optimal oral health. Her gentle touch will not make you squirm, but make you want to come back for even more scaling!


Dental Assistant

Kayla is our little assistant with a big personality. Her professional attitude and attention to detail is a combination that is sure to help you feel confident and well taken care of. Kayla has a passion for all of earth’s creatures, especially her two dogs which she loves unconditionally. Kayla is a fantastic addition to the Shine Team and you are sure to enjoy her antics as much as we do.


Administrative Assistant

Since 2009, Krisa has been at Shine helping us stay organized and is very knowledgeable in all our services! When Krisa gets her hands into something, she wants to know everything about it and she'll do all she can to perfect it. Krisa has an easy smile which will make you feel comfortable around her and has a laugh that is contagious. Currently on maternity leave.


Dental Hygienist

Lindsay is a more recent member to the team and has fit right in with her sweet and easy going personality. She is always willing to help out in any role, and you always see a smile on her face. She also got married this past year! Currently on maternity leave.


Dental Hygienist

Manon is our senior hygienist who rounds out our hygiene department with style and grace. Intelligent and passionate about health, Manon is always willing to guide you through the benefits of proper care and maintenance of your oral health. She can explain in French or English and has a passion for languages! Currently on maternity leave.


Receptionist/Dental Assistant

Marilou is a family oriented individual. She is a loving mother and wife and will do anything to make sure they’re happy. Marilou is a soft spoken and patient person, her heart towards patients is evident in her actions and words. She has multiple roles at Shine and always makes sure things are done properly!


Dental Assistant

May can inform you of all the ins and outs of our services at Shine and at the same time will get to know all about you too! If you see her you can expect to be greeted with a warming pearly smile and feel very taken care of as she explains all of your dental options and answers your questions with detail. She will do whatever it takes to serve our patients with compassion and excellence.


Project Manager

Nelson brings a collective blend of expertise to this industry. He is a recent graduate from the University of Winnipeg in public relations, marketing, and management. Nelson’s creative edge paired with his passion for positivity will leave you smiling with joy upon any interaction you have with him. When he’s not at his desk working you can find him in the lunch room eating something delicious. After all, he has to fuel his love for physical activity by any means necessary. We are privileged to have him on our team.

Dr. Saniya


Dr. Saniya's knowledge, expertise and skillful hands will make your visit to Shine a great one. She will take her time to answer all of your questions and concerns, making sure you are aware of all the options and treatments available at Shine Dental. Dr. Saniya and her husband Mike have welcomed their first child into the family this past year.


Team Leader

Traci is one of the original "Shiners". She has been working with Dr. Brent since 2004. Her knowledge and expertise goes far beyond her job requirements and she is always willing to go the extra mile to help. Traci also has a heart of gold. If you're nervous, she will keep you laughing with her wild stories, always making your visit comfortable and relaxing.


Office Manager

Val is one of the most knowledgeable office managers! Her dedication in guaranteeing Shine runs smoothly is inspiring to all the staff. Shine has been blessed with Val and she is a big part of Shine's success. Whenever you're in, your every concern will be taken care of due to her exceptional management skills. With a growing office someone needs to be on top of it all, and that's our Val!


Graphic & Motion Designer

Valerie has a personality that shines as bright as a star and her unique fashion sense shines even brighter. She finds inspiration from her other passion - music (she plays drums, guitar and sings). She gets excited by unusual ideas and has a wonderful sense of humor. She loves animals, especially those of the feline species. Valerie graduated from the Digital Media Design program at Red River College where she polished her skills in design and motion graphics.


Dental Hygienist

Zena is a skilled hygienist who has a great sense of humor! She will make your experience at Shine an enjoyable one while getting the job done in an efficient manner. Zena goes the extra mile to make sure all of her patients are well informed for maintaining the best oral health possible. Currently on maternity leave.